In addition to payment via bank slip, you can also
make your purchases by BNDES card,
in up to 48 installments.

to purchase with BNDES card:

01. The company must have the BNDES CARD, which can be purchased directly from this website:

02. The company will have the option to buy products with the card or sell products in your store with the card.

03. If you choose to sell, notify your Krona representative, so it is possible to indicate you as an authorized seller of the Krona products.

04. Purchases made with the BNDES card may be installments of 3 to 48 times, with a minimum order of BRL 2,000.00 and a minimum installment of BRL 100.00.

To purchase with Krona, using the BNDES card, the Krona representative must inform:

  • 1. The customer’s BNDES card number + month and year of card expiration;
  • 2. Bank and operator of the card with which the customer uses the BNDES card;
  • 3. Number of installments that the customer wants to place the order.

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