Krona – Tubos e Conexões believes that individual privacy is a fundamental human right. Therefore, it presents its Privacy Policy to the user, so that they are aware of the rules related to how it collects, registers, stores, uses, shares and deletes their personal data, in accordance with the laws in force in Brazil, as well as the best Data Governance practices.
As a condition to provide the product purchase service upon entering the website, the USER declares his free and express consent that he is fully aware of and in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.


1.1. Krona collects customer information in several ways: when you register on the website, fill out a landing page, purchase one of the services offered by the website, fill out forms on social networks, interact with the Customer Service, participate in surveys or promotions. marketing etc.

1.2. The information Krona collects includes: full name, email, CPF, CNPJ, date of birth, company, gender, address, industry and telephone numbers.

1.3. Krona – Tubos e Conexões seeks to guarantee the quality of the personal data it uses. However, to do so, it is essential that you, the user, provide correct and up-to-date information, striving for veracity.

1.4. Your digital interface will be able to record all activities carried out by you, USER, through logs. Krona – Tubos e Conexões uses Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Tag Manager, RD Station and Google Ads tools, which collect USER information such as IP address, browser used, language settings, pages accessed, interactions performed, name, e-mail, telephone, field of activity, through cookies or filling out forms. Information is collected anonymously and for analytical purposes. For registration and processing of information, it uses the RD Station tool, which collects the USER’s registration information, pages accessed and interactions with the emails sent.

1.5. Whenever the USER visits or interacts with the websites, Krona – Tubos e Conexões may use a variety of technologies that automatically or passively collect information on how the websites are accessed. Usage data may include browser type, operating system, visitor’s city location, page visited, navigation time, how many users have visited the site, and past views. Usage data is statistical data, which provides information about the use of the websites, such as how many people have visited the specific pages on the website, how long they stay on each page and what hyperlinks, if any, they can click. This use of data helps to maintain updated and interesting for visitors and to adapt the content to the USER’s interests.

1.6. All technologies mentioned and used in your digital relationship environment will comply with current legislation and the terms of this policy.

1.7. When browsing its interface, the USER may be led via a link, content or services, to other portals or platforms that may collect their information and have their own Privacy Policy. Therefore, it will be up to the USER to keep up-to-date on these policies, and it will be up to him to accept or refuse them. Krona – Tubes and


2.1. Krona – Tubos e Conexões may use your data that were collected and the records of your activities in its current digital interfaces or that may be developed in the future to improve your experience with the company (OR “WITH IT”?) for the following purposes: deliver the contracted service; optimize your interaction with the company; guarantee the security of the website and the data it processes; inform the customer about the offers and publicize their services, products and launches; disseminate newsletter; disclose segment information, news and content; comply with legal obligations; administrative and management purposes; to display advertising to you on its platforms or on third-party websites; to customize the content and advertising it displays on its platforms; to create a profile about you, customizing your experience with your services; to measure interactions and audience of services.

2.2. You are aware of and freely consent to the collection of your personal data through Krona’s digital platform – Tubos e Conexões.

2.3. If you are unable or unwilling to provide your consent, the following services will not be available: Customer Service, product catalog, download materials, in addition to using products and services that require login.

2.4. The USER may manage permissions regarding the use of their data through the service channel below, and may grant n.



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